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There’s no way around it. Gutters play a crucial part in protecting your home.  By rerouting the rain that falls on your roof away from the base of your home, gutters save your foundation from the dangers of standing water. Not only do gutters help keep away pests, such as mosquitoes, that are attracted to puddles, but they prevent water from leaking into basements or permanently damaging a home’s foundation.

When your gutters get clogged up and start to overflow, their function is compromised and your house will be in sudden danger of all of the above.

There are a number of reasons your gutters might overflow. Read on to diagnose your gutter troubles and learn how to fix them.

Why Do My Gutters Keep Overflowing?

3 Common Reasons Gutters Overflow

Clogged Gutters

The most common reason rain gutters overflow is because they are clogged. Throughout the year, debris accumulates in your gutters and can very easily block the flow of rainwater. For this reason, industry professionals recommend you clean your vinyl gutters or seamless gutters at least twice a year. If your yard is heavily wooded, then you may need to consider cleaning them more frequently.

Not Enough Downspouts

If your gutters are free of debris, then your home may need more downspouts installed. Especially true for areas that are more likely to have heavier and more frequent rain storms, it is vital to have the proper amount of downspouts.Otherwise, rainwater will pour over the sides of your gutters rather than draining from the proper outlets. This problem can easily be rectified by, you guessed it, installing more downspouts.

Gutter Water Flowing in the wrong Direction

If you have cleaned your gutters of all junk, and have assured your home holds proper amount of downspouts, then your water may be flowing in the wrong direction. The outlet for each gutter should be at the lowest point of each section. This way, gravity is able to take control and encourage water to run along the gutter and into the downspout. The remedy for this problem is to ensure all outlets are at the lowest point of each section.

Gutters Overflowing? Call a Professional in Colorado Springs

If you’re having a problem with overflowing gutters, then consider giving Colorado Pro Roofing & Restoration Services a call today.  We specialize in both residential and commercial gutter services and will be able to ensure your gutters are working properly. Give us a call today, and we’ll send one of our outstanding professionals to your home or office for an obligation free quote.

Why Do My Gutters Keep Overflowing