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Most insurance companies use a standardized program for pricing and Colorado Pro Roofing & Restoration Services has to access to the same program, this allows your assigned Project Manager to check all values for every line item in your specific scope-of-work to ensure all items are covered and paid for properly.  Most often your Project Manager will find a few flaws, as the insurance adjusters are usually in a hurry to get to their next storm damage inspection and sometimes miss issues which need to be included in your claim.  Do not worry, these items can be changed or added.  Your Project Manager will simply file a supplement for any items that should be covered by a report from Colorado Pro Roofing accompanied by pictures, the insurance companies standard price for that item.  Most often this is a relatively fast process and should not slow down the process of your insurance claim.

Colorado Pro Roofing goes that extra mile to ensure our customers are completely satisfied and receives the highest quality customer service along with the industries highest quality product.

insurance claim assistance overview


claim management


There is a clause in a property insurance contract, which provides that if the policy holder and the insurance company cannot agree on the settlement amount on a claim, they both select a neutral arbitrator.  Any differences between the arbitrators are submitted to an umpire.  The amount agreed to by any two of the three will be the amount of reimbursement.

Colorado Pro Roofing & Restoration Services will go to bat for you if your insurance company just won't work with you.  You paid fair market value for your home, they should pay fair market value to repair it.  

Depreciation is taken into consideration when an insurance claim is involved.

Colorado Pro Roofing & Restoration Services prides itself in making the insurance process as easy as possible.  This is why we offer a complementary claim service.  Colorado Pro Roofing will negotiate your specific claim with your insurance provider to ensure all work necessary to return your home or business to prior to loss condition is paid for in full by your provider.