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A properly installed roof protects a  house and its foundation from the effects of weather and can drastically change your home's curb appeal value.
When you look as a home, what's the first thing you notice?
Maybe you'll notice the yard, the landscaping, the siding, the windows and the general repair afterthought because it's not something the homeowner can make small adjustments on to beautify the property.




It's an interesting thing, the role of a roof in the curb appeal dynamic.  When the roof is in complete order with new or recently installed shingles, it probably won't be the first thing you'll comment on when viewing the home's exterior.

But if the roof is in poor condition with broken, loose or damaged shingles, you'll probably notice it right away.  It's hard not to notice a roof with mended shingles loaded with roof sealer.

​The bottom line is that a damaged or worn roof will almost always give a negative impression.

To ensure your total satisfaction, our company has been provided with extensive educational materials developed by the larger manufacturer's technical experts - allowing us to stay current in the latest roof installation techniques.  Very few contractors meet the qualifications necessary to achieve these certifications.  You cannot trust just any contractor to work on something as important as your roof.  You want the right company the very first time and Colorado Storm Restoration Services is just that company.

*  To provide you workmanship we would expect on our own home.

*  To be courteous, respectful and thoughtful to you and your property.

*  To provide professional services in a timely manner.

*  To be knowledgeable and informative in all aspects of the construction process.

*  To help you choose the best roofing system possible for your specific needs and budget

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