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At Colorado Pro Roofing, we understand the necessity of a well-functioning home. If you are in need of repairs or replacements not covered by your insurance, you can turn to us. Not only do we offer a free estimate for repairs along with financing options, we will work with you going forward to ensure a reasonable price depending on your circumstances.

Whether it’s damage from storms or heat, Colorado Pro Roofing has the skilled contractors and tools needed to complete any of your roofing, gutter, siding, or painting needs. If you have any questions about the severity of damages to your home feel free to call or visit us. We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and happily extend our services to surrounding areas like Denver, Canon City, Peyton, Woodland Park, Monument, Black Forest. 

We look forward to working with you to increase the integrity of your home.  

Colorado Pro Roofing can help fix the home damages that your Insurance won’t.

The inner-workings of homeowners insurance can be a tricky business. On the surface, the process seems simple: you pay the insurance company to protect you and your home, and they follow through. Unfortunately, depending on the circumstances, it doesn’t always work like that.

Too often, homeowners blindly file insurance claims for damages to their home without doing any research into whether their insurance company will actually approve it. Depending on what your specific policy covers, insurance companies have the prerogative to reject your claim, drop you as client completely, or even raise your premium.

As a general rule of thumb, homeowners should consider not filing an insurance claim if:

The cost you want the insurance company to cover will not exceed your deductible.
The cost you want the insurance company to cover is only slightly more than your deductible.
You have already filed two or more insurance claims in recent history.
The damage is caused by a maintenance issue you should have fixed previously.

These situations will only increase the number of claims on your policy without actually assisting you financially.

Unless your home has suffered extreme damage, your best option may be to skip filing a claim and fix the issue out of pocket by hiring a professional contractor.